High Purity Industrial Grade Butyl Alcohol

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High purity Industrial grade Adhesives and sealant chemicals Food Flavor Cleaning Solvent butyl alcohol

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High purity Industrial grade Adhesives and sealant chemicals Food Flavor Cleaning Solvent butyl alcohol.

It is a liquid, colorless, volatile liquid with a pungent odor. In its natural state, butanol is found in wine making, fruit, and almost all plant and animal organisms. Butanol has two isomers, n-butanol and isobutanol, which have slightly different structural compositions.

Packing : 160kg/drum, 80drums/20’fcl, (12.8MT)

Production Method : carbonylation process


Product Name n-Butanol/butyl alcohol
Inspection Result
Inspection Item Measurement   Units Qualified  Result
Assay 99.0%
Refractive index (20) -- 1.397-1.402
Relative Density (25/25) -- 0.809-0.810
Involatile residue 0.002%
Moisture 0.1%
Free acid(as Acetic acid) 0.003%
Aldehyde(as butyraldehyde) 0.05%
Acid value 2.0

Production raw material

Propylene, carbon monoxide, hydrogen

Risks and Hazards

1. Explosion and fire hazard: Butanol is an inflammable liquid that will burn or explode when it encounters fire or high temperature.

2. Toxicity: Butanol can irritate and corrode eyes, skin, respiratory system and digestive system. Inhaling butanol vapors can cause headaches, dizziness, burning throat, coughing and other symptoms. Prolonged exposure can damage the central nervous system and liver, and even lead to coma and death.

3. Environmental pollution: If butanol is not properly treated and stored, it will be released into soil, water and other environments, causing pollution to the ecological environment.


Colorless liquid with alcohol ,explosion limit of 1.45-11.25(volume)  
Melting Point: -89.8℃
Boiling point: 117.7℃
Flash point : 29℃
Vapor density: 2.55
Density: 0.81

Flammable liquids-Category 3

1.Flammable liquid and vapor
2.Harmful if swallowed
3.Causes skin irritation
4.Causes serious eye damage
5.May cause respiratory irritation
6.May cause drowsiness or dizziness


1. Solvent: Butanol is a common organic solvent, which can be used to dissolve resins, paints, dyes, spices and other chemicals.

2. Reducing agent in chemical reactions: Butanol can be used as reducing agent in chemical reactions, which can reduce ketones to corresponding alcohol compounds.

3. Spices and flavors: Butanol can be used to make citrus and other fruit flavors.

4. Pharmaceutical industry: Butanol can be used in pharmaceutical and biochemical processes, as well as in the manufacture of cosmetics.

5. Fuels and energy: Butanol can be used as an alternative or hybrid fuel and is widely used in the manufacture of biodiesel.

However, it is important to note that butanol is irritating and inflammable, and should be used with gloves and goggles, and in a well-ventilated environment. Before using the device, understand the safety precautions and protective measures.

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